AcroYoga Workshop

Sunday,  Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 13  12-2:30pm

Bay Jiu Jitsu 3274 Mission St., Sf

AcroYoga is a combination of acrobatics, yoga and thai massage.  It is a powerful partner practice that bridges together community, connection, contact, trust and balance between people.
AcroYoga will challenge and strengthen your sense of balance, body awareness, and coordination in a way that lets your yoga practice really take flight!

In this workshop, we’ll cover the core concepts of AcroYoga, such as counter-balancing, proper body mechanics, spotting, and connection. Through the use of group games and fun partner exercises, we will lift our Yoga off the mat and into the air.

No AcroYoga experience is necessary, just a willingness to do amazing new things and have some fun. If you don’t have a partner, no worries, we’ll partner you up for all the poses!


Andrea Spence – A certified Yoga instructor since 2006, Andrea has found one of the keys to being happy is to spend some time each day upside down.  She truly shines when she’s putting someone on top of her feet and teaching the joys of AcroYoga.  Andrea looks forward to sharing her love of AcroYoga with you.


Link Zampino  – A certified AcroYoga teacher through AcroYoga Montreal, Link offers workshops and classes aimed to bring balance back into life. Grateful to be able to share the skills that have brought him so much joy, Link currently teaches AcroYoga, Slackline Yoga, trampolining, and gymnastics.


   Sunday, June 21, 1pm – 3:30pm
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Yoga Fusion 
2217-N San Ramon Valley Blvd.
San Ramon, CA 94583


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~ 108 Sun Salutations ~

Date: 3/15/2014 From: 2pm – 4pm

Let Andrea Spence teach then guide you through Yoga’s most fundamental vinyasa, or sequence of coordinated movements. The Sun Salutation is an ancient and inspired series of movements that stimulate and improve all aspects of health, especially increasing cardiovascular capacity and quality of breath.

Andrea makes learning fun and accessible for all. If you’re ready to step up to the mat and experience 108 of these sacred sequences, this workshop is the ideal opportunity to challenge yourself. Whether or not you can complete 108 Sun Salutations, you will take away from this workshop the knowledge and understanding necessary to build a stronger, more effective yoga practice for the rest of your life.

Get to know the sacred Sun Salutation; Great Yogis have been singing its praises for centuries. It wakes up the senses, improves mood, stimulates positive momentum, and delivers a rhythmic, meditative quality that moves the practitioner into flow state, a state of expansive, timeless joy.


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 Rope Wall Workshops:

Sunday, December 22, 2013 @ 12:30-2:30pm

Castro Valley Yoga

* Only 7 Spots Available

*RSVP to Guarantee YOUR Spot!  Space is Limited!



Yoga Fusion -San Ramon

* Only 14 Spots Available


3 Great Benefits Ropes Wall Yoga Can Bring to Your Yoga Practice:
1.  Lengthen Your Spine, Open Up Your Joints and Enjoy the Traction. Yes, you can use your own body weight and gravity to relieve tightness and tension throughout your body.  One can allow the ropes to do a lot of the work allowing you to go deeper into a pose.


2. Strengthen Hard to Build Muscles. You’ll be amazed at the amount of strength that’s required of your arms and core in every pose. You can use this to your advantage to feel parts of your body that you haven’t felt or used in years.  Impress yourself as your strength grows in leaps and bounds.


3. Improve Your Inversions. I like to think that using a rope wall is like yoga with training wheels. Using a rope wall feels stable and secure and offers a real WOW experience.  Inversions are a great way to naturally improve your mood and feel good


“I’m quite amazed at how my yoga students are benefiting from using a rope wall for their yoga practice. Old injuries have faded into the past, strength & endurance has massively improved. More importantly, they feel great about themselves and their abilities!”


Andrea D. Spence is a passionate, playful, and knowledgeable yoga instructor. After discovering yoga in college to help relieve her migraines, Andrea became fascinated with the mind-body connection. Andrea then became a certified Medical Hypnotherapist and began to expand her practice by putting yoga and hypnosis together. Like peanut butter and jelly, it was meant to be. She began teaching yoga in 2004 and then completed a 200-hour teacher training program in 2006 with Gloria Persico.

Guest Yoga Instructor

Dec 4, 18, 2013

&  Jan 1, 2014





~ Yoga Schedule ~

Hatha Yoga

Every Monday & Thursday 6:30-7:30pm Fitness 2000
Rope Wall Yoga Friday 9:30am-11am Castro Valley Yoga


~ Previous Workshops ~

*** Balancing the Chakras ***
Castro Valley Yoga

For more information

In class we will focus on the seven primary energy centers known as Chakras. Each Chakra relates to a specific part of the body, as well as specific emotional, mental, and spiritual matters.

By breathing, moving, and stretching into each Chakra we will align our entire system.
1. Root – Being present, having all basic survival needs met
2. Sacral – Enjoying the variety of pleasures in life
3. Solar Plexus – Determination an confidence to make dreams into reality
4. Heart – Loving thyself, loving and being loved
5. Throat – Clear efficient communication
6. Third Eye – Strengthening your intuition
7. Crown – Connecting with your higher power

Students of ALL levels are welcome!!


*** Partner Play Workshop***

In this partner play-shop we will enjoy the dynamics of working with a partner to develop strength, flexibility and trust.

Beginning with seated poses to create comfort and connection in working with a partner. We will then move into some traditional standing and balance poses. We will finish with some yummy cool down stretches to give and receive from our partner.

All levels are welcome.

Bring a partner or meet a new friend!

Castro Valley Yoga


~ Partner Yoga ~


Join Andrea Spence in our Annual celebration of partner Yoga. This 2-hour workshop special will feature a host of partner assisted poses that generate support, build strength, increase range of motion, and above all, are FUN!

Bring a partner, significant other, brother, mother, friend, prospective friend, stranger, or come by yourself and Andrea will match you up perfectly for the entire series of fascinating partner assisted poses.

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