Healing Yoga follows classical Hatha Yoga techniques, including asana (posture),
pranayama (breathing), meditation, and deep relaxation aimed at harnessing our
mind and body’s natural, yet dormant, healing potential.  These ancient yogic
practices begin with calming the mind.  When the mind is calm and the body is
relaxed, we are able to experience tremendous peace, and with the gradual stoppage
of thoughts we realize our true state of being – ananda (bliss).

We learn how to remain in this state throughout our everyday activities and how to

bring ourselves back to balance when we are feeling angry, stressed, tired or unhappy.  In a state of calmness, health improvement quickly emerges.   We gain emotional balance and our will power increases.  A true spiritual growth begins to take place.

Classes include:
1)  Asana for the physical body including cleansing of the organs and balancing the
various systems (cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, etc.)
2)  Pranayama for blood purification and increasing energy levels by affecting the
subtle layers of the body
3)  Meditation for calming the mind, controlling emotions and development of
spiritual practices

Have a yoga hypnotica class designed to meet your goals!

Rope Wall Workshop Videosyoga-ropewall-video

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The following are pictures examples of a partner’s yoga workshop.  Developed by hanging out with mentor and friend Susan Child former owner of Castro Valley Yoga.