Mental Leverage combines classic hypnotherapy with techniques from yoga, meditation,
and cognitive-behavioral therapy to produce personalized, effective, lasting results for
those who would like to:

* Relieve Stress
* Quit smoking
* Lose weight
* Overcome insomnia, anxiety, depression, or phobias
* Find relief from fibromyalgia or chronic pain
* Release negative habits or addictions
* Improve self-image, body image, or self-esteem
* Prepare for childbirth
* Much, much more

To make an appointment, please contact Andrea Spence, Medical Hypnotherapist, at
(925) 828-3891, or by email at [email protected]. For those who live too far
away from Pleasanton, Calif., to see us in person, please try one of our hypnosis audio
products, or call to inquire about a phone session.

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