Illusions of the Mind~

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Is your reality an illusion? Or are illusions your reality?

How is it possible that you and I can look at the same picture and see two different things? Take a look at the picture below, what is the age of the woman? What is the age of the woman in the picture?

Can you see the young lady? Can you see the older woman? Can you see them both at the same time? Why or why not?

Perhaps we see exactly what we’re looking for.

Look around your room and notice everything that is red. Then close your eyes and name everything that is green. I bet you found half as many green items as red, since you were not originally looking for it.

It’s the same in life, if you’re looking for doom & gloom, I bet you can find lots of evidence to support that. If you’re looking for the good, you’ll more easily find that too.

Here’s a fun activity to do everyday before you go to bed, list 5 successes that you had today, whether it’s big or small. As you focus your mind on success, it will be easier for your mind to create more successes.

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