How to Create WIN-WIN New Years Resolutions!

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Are your New Years Resolutions realistic, or completely outrageous? What about setting up your New Years Resolutions in a win-win strategy?
For each goal, have 3 objectives.

1. A Minimum Goal. Something you can easily achieve by simply taking 1 step forward. This will help you create success and build momentum to keep moving forward.

2. A Target Goal. Your goal that stretches you a little further than you’re comfortable for and still realistically achievable. When you achieve this goal you’re extremely proud of yourself.

3. Outrageous Goal. This exceeds your current possibilities; it’s like shooting for the moon and expands your mind further.
I love this system by Raymond Aaron because it makes one feels successful from the very beginning. Sometimes the hardest step is the 1st one to take and once you’re in action it’s easy to keep moving forward.
Also, it reminds me of Brian Tracy’s saying on “How to eat an elephant?” …one bite at a time. It’s the continual work that pays off and creates the successful outcome we desire. Whether it’s putting money away every month towards one’s financial freedom or eating more vegetables to achieve one’s healthy weight, it’s our day to day actions that create the success.
Too many times I believe we limit ourselves, that’s why it’s important to think about what’s possible and bigger than our current goals. What would your goal be if you were guaranteed success? How big can you think?
For example my Toastmasters Goals:
– Minimum Goal: 12 speeches a year. I accomplished this in 2009 so I can easily meet this goal by keeping at my current pace of 1 speech a month.
– Target Goal: 36 speeches a year. I will have to step out of my comfort zone and find new places to give presentations
– Outrageous Goal: 72 speeches a year -6 speeches a month, I would have a completely different career, traveling a lot more and having a fabulous time!
What are you current goals? I would love to hear how this system works for you!

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