Dendrographology®” is an entertaining reading that will amaze
and enlighten people with instant personality trait evaluations. It
is the art and scientific study of drawings of trees and their
identifying characteristics.

To quote Serena Lumiere, founder of Dendrographology®:
“A Dendrograph will reveal:

Do you have a high or low opinion of yourself?
Are you a leader type?
Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
Are you finding difficulty in coping with problems at work – or
at school?
Realizing the powerful entertainment value of
Dendrographology®, you can now enjoy readings at your
event. Everyone can and will draw a tree.
(Though some say, “Well, this isn’t the way I really draw a
tree… I just want to see how you read it.” And then they are
amazed at what their tree tells.)

Why Would Anyone Want To Have Their Dendrograph
Here are some of the ways that Dendrograph analysis can be

Understand Yourself
Check Your Level Of Confidence
Discover Your Strengths
Recognize Your Weaknesses
Discover Your Hidden Talents
Evaluate Your Will Power and Drive
Check Your Friendliness
Reveal Problem Solving Mechanisms
Understand Others
Because It’s Entertaining.
A Different Approach If your Dendrograph looks very
different from any other
Dendrograph you have ever seen – it is because you are
different. Detecting
that special quality is what Dendrographology is all about.

Your Dendrograph resonates with the unique quality of life that
through your personality. It reflects the emotions, thoughts and
attitudes of your unique and special personality.

Your Dendrograph reflects your uniqueness!