Andrea D. Spence
Keynote Speaker
Certified Medical Hypnotherapist
Certified Yoga Instructor



Andrea Spence is dedicated to helping people to program their mind build attitudes, beliefs and habits for a healthy happy life.  Andrea is the President of Mental Leverage, a coaching and educational company teaching individuals and business owners how to be successful by reducing stress, self empowerment, and communicate effectively.

Andrea graduated from University of San Diego with a degree in Cognitive Science.  She then pursed her passion of studying the mind and became a Master Hypnotherapist from the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy.  With a delight to always learn, Andrea has added several more holistic modalities such as Hypnocoaching, Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Practitioner and Dendrographologist.  Today, Andrea continues to grow by taking courses through Peak Potentials, Marshal Sylver, Toastmasters and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Andrea’s enthusiastic, approachable style and her real life practical experience, come together to provide trainings that are both informative and enjoyable for her audiences. Her ability to inspire action in others is fueled by her passion for helping people appreciate their self-worth and realize their personal goals.


Andrea learned that one can amplify the benefits of hypnosis by combining it with yoga.  By listening to ones physical body and working it out, the mind becomes easier to relax which is the first step to hypnosis!  The two combined magnify the positive effects on ones mind, body and spirit.  Like peanut butter and jelly it was only natural for the two to be combined.

Clients include: Barry Callebaut, Blackhawk Country Club, Citizenship & Immigration Services, Commerce West Insurance Company, DSM Service Berkeley, Ericsson, First Republic Bank, LSI Corporation, Mercedes Benz Research & Development, Project Open Hand, Senior Service of America, URS Infrastructure & Environment and Xilinx

Andrea loves to do workshops where she can share the powerful techniques of the mind and body.  She also offers private hypnotherapy sessions, customized hypnosis recordings, and yoga classes.

Her hobbies include Dendrographology the study of tree drawing to identify positive personality characteristics.

Words are not a enough to explain the help you have giving me. I understand that the positive effects that I have experienced is a group effort between you and myself. I am sleeping deeper and waking up much more refreshed that I ever have. It has also been helpful for the short power naps.

The suggestions that was discussed in our sessions are still effective. It’s almost like a switch in my head that I turn on when I think I am falling back into that slump.

I am also positive that those sessions have helped me deal more effectively with my home life as well as my professional life. Hopefully I am not running off at the keyboard but you are very talented.

See you soon,