How to Avoid Going Brain Dead…

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In your spare or ‘boredom’ time you can stimulate your brain with fun, easy, creative exercises.  With as little as a minute of time for each exercise, you can easily increase your reading, writing, comprehension, spatial coordination, arithmetic and much more.

1. Ear Rub

Technique: Massage your ears for 1-2 min.  Rub in the inside, outside and all around your ears.

Benefits: Improves listening comprehension and enhances ones focus.  This technique helps with public speaking, singing and playing music.  This is also great to help restore one’s equilibrium, especially in moving cars.

2. Double Doodle

Technique: Begin with your arms out in front of you and begin mirroring your arm movements.  Then take 2 pens to a piece of paper while you mirror your arm movements.  Begin with simple doodles and work your way up to writing your name.

Benefits: Helps with math, spelling and writing by enhancing the blood flow to your left brain.  Also, it stimulates the right brain to encourage creativity, play and innovation.  This technique increases hand-eye coordination in both visual fields, great to improve ones sports abilities.

3. Cross Crawl

Technique: Alternatively move one arm to the opposite leg and the other arm and its opposite leg in slow motion.

Benefits: Improves spelling, writing, listening and reading.  This is an ideal warm-up exercise before learning since it stimulates both the right and left hemisphere.

4.  Crazy Eights

Technique: Extend your arms in front of you; clasp your hands together with interlocked fingers and your thumbs pointing up towards the ceiling.  Move your arms first up to the top left and continue in a sideways figure “8” motion.  Make sure to come upwards through the middle of the “8”.  As your arms move through the figure “8”, your eyes should follow your thumbs through the motion.  Be sure to move only your eyes and not your head as you do this.

Benefits:  This exercise stimulates the right and left hemisphere simultaneously, increasing the communication to each hemisphere. Reading comprehension and long term memory are improved with this technique.

5. Balance Poses

Technique: Take a moment to get centered on your feet by shifting your weight to the front of your feet, then shift the weight to the back and then side to side.  Feel your feet well grounded and planted on the floor.   Then lock out your left leg and lift your right foot a couple inches off the floor.  Repeat with opposite leg.  Allow your gaze to be soft as you stare at something standing still.

Benefits: Be working on ones balance it helps one become more centered, focus and improves concentration.  It also helps ones patience with oneself.

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