“I had been training for several years to compete in the 2003 World Championship
for Rubik’s Cube, and my average solving time was down to 16.8 seconds.  This put
me unofficially in the top five competitors worldwide, so I knew I had a chance at
the title.  But I also knew that the winner would be the one with the best nerves,
and throughout my life I’ve always been very nervous when performing in front of
other people.


Whenever I’ve had to ask a question in class, or give a presentation, or play a
guitar song for a friend, I would get the classic “fight-or-flight” response:
my heart pounds, my head spins, I feel shaky, and my hands get cold.  I knew I
had to overcome this behavior if I wanted to win, because speed-solving Rubik’s
Cube requires absolute calmness and concentration.


With only three weeks to spare before the championship, I scheduled a hypnosis
session with Andrea Spence of Hypnotica, who specializes in helping performers
to reduce stress during performance.


After a brief interview during which she learned what changes I wished to make,
Andrea was able to brilliantly integrate my own ideas and vocabulary into a live
customized hypnosis session.  During the session, she used my exact language,
including technical advice regarding my Rubik’s Cube solution method!Andrea then
gave me a CD version of my hypnosis session, which I listened to the session almost e
very night.


When the competition day came, I was in control of
my nerves for the first time in my life.  While the other competitors were
practicing frantically, I was relaxed, getting hypnotized one last time
in the isolation room!  I performed excellently during the qualifying rounds,
obtaining a new world record of 16.71 seconds for a single solution.I went first during
the finals, and I could feel that I was under Pressure to win.


There were 15 news cameras focused on me, several documentary film crews, bright
lights, my family watching, and an auditorium full of hushed spectators.  I could
not help but get nervous at first, but with the training I received from Andrea
I was able to recover quickly and reduce my heart rate.  Out of three tries, my
times were 21.13 seconds, 19.93 seconds, and 18.95, for an average of 20.00 seconds.
I watched all of the other finalists go after me, and not a single one could beat
my average – they were all too nervous.


I could hardly believe it when they announced
me as the winner and new Guinness World Record holder.  It felt so wonderful to overcome
my fears, and I attribute my success largely to Andrea’s help.  The power to grow has
always been inside me, but she helped me to harness my self-knowledge for rapid
improvement.  The best part is that I now feel like I have nerves of steel in any situation,
not just Rubik’s Cube competition.  I wasn’t even nervous when I had to meet my girlfriend’s
parents last weekend, and THAT is truly an amazing achievement.”


Dan Knights, World Rubix Cube Champion & Guinness Book of World Records in
2003 for solving the cube in 16.71 seconds.


I think of myself as a directed, motivated, and engaged small business owner.  However, I found myself inventing excuses to not manage nor build my business.

Andrea arranged her schedule to find time to listen to me; and turned my thinking around 180 degrees! She gave me simple, logical, and very effective strategies and solutions to get my business up and running!

I appreciate the time and ideas Andrea gave me — and I have all ready put them into practice.

Karen T

Travel Agent


No Longer Struggling with Sleep After 25 Years!

‘The Hypnosis CD you made for me is quite literally the best value I’ve ever received in my life.  I’ve used it 95% of the nights for the past year and I’ve fallen asleep soundly within the first 10 minutes over 90% of the time.  I sleep more deeply after being hypnotized and I have full confidence that climbing into bed, I have a tool to help me get to sleep.  This confidence is paramount to eliminate fear of not sleeping and to eradicate the sleep depriving anxiety formerly tainting my sleep process.  As someone who has struggled with sleep for 25 years, truly, you have brought an amazing gift to my life. Thank you for doing what you do.’

My very best,
Brandon B.


Learned to Relieve Tension & Create Calmness

“I’ve had eight sessions with Andrea for stress related issues and the results have been more than I could imagine. I’ve never been one to go for meditation, hypnotherapy or relaxation exercises but I am loving it. Andrea makes personalized cd’s to help me at home and I can really see a difference in myself. I’ve learned how to recognize when my body is tense and achieve a state of calmness through the personalized meditation cd’s. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who needs help dealing with issues they can change through mind over body techniques. She’s AWESOME with a capital “A”

Overcoming Break Up

Eric Mongo Robbins

“Andrea worked with me in 2003 on my self-esteem issues surrounding a relationship gone bad. I had friends to talk to about the breakup but the grieving process was long and difficult. I wasn’t sleeping well and when I woke up, my thoughts were immediately back on the breakup. I was also having a hard time at work because my thoughts kept betraying my recovery there too. By luck, I ran into Andrea Spence at a networking group. I never would have even thought to use hypnotherapy but Andrea’s program intrigued me.


Weight Management

“You’re not dieting. You’re eating this way the rest of your life. That’s why hypnosis works!  I lost 45 lbs in less than a year and kept it off.  I can now fit in my old size 8 dress and I look better than ever before!”
>3 years later: I’m now a size 6, it’s been a perfect breeze staying healthy with my new eating habits.
Tonya Orozco


Bed Rest Pregnancy Help

In the beginning of my pregnancy I was happy, healthy and strong.  Then one day my leg swelled up like a balloon and I was in a wheel chair after I was diagnosed with a blood clot.  Blood clots are very dangerous and can be fatal if dislodged so I was ordered to bed-rest and had to self-inject blood thinners on a daily basis

Concerned about the baby, I rarely took pain medication.  At times the pain was almost unbearable.  For two weeks, I couldn’t even walk up the stairs to use the bathroom.  I felt isolated and anxious.  My happy, healthy pregnancy had turned into a nightmare.  I was determined to find a safe way to relax and feel more positive so I contacted Andrea.

When Andrea first came to see me it felt like a sweet Angel had arrived.  She was genuine, trustworthy, and nurturing.  After careful consideration of my condition, she created a personalized CD to help me relax, heal, and numb my pain.  I began to feel better each time I listened to her CD.

My pain and anxiety gradually began to disappear.  Within two weeks I was walking up and down the stairs, and going on outings.  Within a month, I no longer needed a wheel chair.  I began swimming and walking outdoors for exercise.

To everyone’s surprise, Gabriel came about four weeks earlier than expected.  My heart was set on keeping our arrangements at the birthing center but they refused to take me because I was on blood thinners.  I ended up giving birth in the environment that I desired the least: a bright, intense, and busy hospital.  Fortunately, turning the lights low and putting on Andrea’s CD recreated the relaxing atmosphere I desired in the birthing center.  In fact, my contractions went so smoothly the nurses assumed that I was only a few centimeters dilated.  With strangely perfect timing, they checked me about one minute before the doctor arrived and discovered that I was fully dilated!  At one point during my contractions I looked around the room and noticed that my family was extremely relaxed despite the stressful situation.  Later, my dad admitted that the CD was so relaxing he closed his eyes and fell asleep a couple of times.

Then came a beautiful six and a half pound baby boy.  Doctor Salve compared the success of the birth to a miracle.  He said that everything had to be precisely “perfect” because our lives depended on it.  We listened to Andrea’s CD through out our three-day stay in the hospital.  With all the visitors, doctors, and nurses coming in and out of our room, the CD was the only way that I could relax enough to fall asleep.

Occasionally, I still use the CD for relaxation.  Sometimes I even play it for Gabriel to help him sleep.  I couldn’t imagine having gone through this experience without Andrea’s help and I highly recommend her.  Whenever I hear Andrea’s voice, I am reminded of the power that the mind has over the body, and the power that Andrea has as a healer.

Kelly Dearie


Overcome Fear of Phone Sales

I wanted to control my Fear of the Phone.

I thought that if I called someone out of the blue I’d be bothering them, wasting their time. I’d be a jerk! I was too scared to pick up the phone.

Andrea taught me the tool to conquer the fear. It’s called hypnotherapy and really it’s not difficult!

The opposite of fear is relaxation, and that’s the first thing Andrea teaches. But the next thing is just as important – Focus. Once I am relaxed and without anxiety it’s easy to just drift off without changing anything. But the technique does more, it directs my thoughts to what I want to encourage.

I’ve been working with hypnotherapy for a few months. Now when I pick up the phone I realize that whoever I talk with will probably react positively. -I’m simply making a business call.

And really, that’s all it is! The people I call now usually cheerful and often helpful. I enjoy the phone! And sometimes I get an appointment!

Thank you Andrea!

– Rick King


Words are not a enough to explain the help you have giving me.  I understand
that the positive effects that I have experienced is a group effort between
you and myself.  Ok, let me just tell you what
you and/or us have for me.  I am sleeping deeper and waking up much more
refreshed that I ever have.  It has also been helpful for the short power
naps.  The suggestions that was discussed in our sessions are still
effective.  It’s almost like switch in my head that I
turn on when I think I am falling back into that slump.
I am also positive that those sessions have helped me deal more effectively
with my home life as well as my professional life.
Hopefully I am not running off at the keyboard but you are very talented.

See you soon,