Posted on 14. Mar, 2013 by in Mind, Body & Spirit Wisdom

I must admit that sometimes I don’t like yoga, that can be shocking to hear coming from a yoga instructor, but it’s true.  It can be very hard and challenging at times, especially if one’s monkey mind is being devilish by distracting one with negative thoughts.

However, it’s during times of stress that I have truly LOVE & APPRECIATE exactly what yoga has to offer.  Time where nothing in the world matters except this moment.  It’s an opportunity for me to allow all the stresses of the past and future to be put aside, to throw away expectations and judgements.  It’s a time where the only thing in the world that matters is this moment, on my mat, my body, my mind and my spirit.

But what does one do when their mind plays games and distracts them?  The key is to become completely intrigued with your breath.

Become fascinated with how your breath flows in and flows out. How smooth and easy can you make your breath in each and every pose?

How does one breathe correctly?  Click here to listen to the 3 Part Breath.

Now take your yoga practice into your everyday life by randomly bringing your conscience to your breath. How easily can you get yourself to breathe throughout the day?

How does this technique work for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please write back or post on Facebook/MentalLeverage

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